Queen of Catastrophes (leliophelia) wrote in flufflemumpshxc,
Queen of Catastrophes

So, by popular demand...

I'm taking preorders for "Suspension" as a 16" x 20" signed and limited edition print! There will only be 10 printed, so they're sure to disappear, especially at only $55 a pop (so dirt cheap, considering the prices other artists sell similar sized prints for).

(click the image for more info)

Also, my 30 Paintings Book retires after August 30th (tomorrow!), so after that, it will no longer be sold. It's on sale for $20 right now (which is a steal), so go order yerself a copy before it's gone! More info here.

And, so you guys aren't left hanging, here's a recent piece to share:

It's watercolor and gouache over silver gelatin emulsion (hence the odd coloring underneath). It measures 20" x 24".

Thanks for your generous support!

I was laid off of my job about 3 weeks ago and have been seriously struggling to make ends meet since. I was given no warning and no severance pay and I was denied unemployment benefits from the US government. Jobs are hard to come by in the city I live in, so the search has been rough. So, I'm left to only the income I receive through my sales. I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get through sales and even spreading the word about my site, through your blog, to your friends, posting a link to my site on your Facebook, etc. Every single bit helps. I'm barely making rent this month, but I'm left with nothing for food until the next bit of money comes in from a sale. I really appreciate your help. :) It's been a very difficult time.
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