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random post

im spose to be at school today butttt my taxi never showed up so i got the day off booyaaa :P so heres my boredom cure:

heres just some random things ive done either for school or myself :) hope you like. (some of the photos have alota glare or are on funny angles :P my bad)

the first on is a screen print for my design class, i got a+ oh yahh :P and the other one is a piece i did for my art class,i got a c, the subject was identity, i was a little peeved with that result but ohwell :)

the boy with the guitar is a close up of one of the paintings in the background of my identity peice the nxt one is a close up in a series of lino prints i did, these were just experiments but i was pleased with the result that i framed em :P

art assignment, did in a weekend photoqualitys a bit crappy but yah i got c- for that one which is fair enough.


photos of a sculture i did, the sculture is terrible >i hate clay< but i like this pics :P

quickl tablet sketch for a shirt. thats all for now :)
i might be posting some pics of my digital art next time. <3 xx
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